Industry: Retail, E-commerce, Big Data

Location: Saint Petersburg

Synqera is a pioneering Russian company, the first to develop data-driven solution for personalized multichannel communications with retail customers.

It combines analysis of the existing retail Big Data with analysis of consumer demographics, purchase preferences and shopping environment for real-time targeting of B2C messages through bunch of communication channels: in-store devices, mobile apps, SMS or e-mail.

Flagship product: Interactive platform for personalized communications with retail customers through offline, Internet and mobile sales channels.

Opportunity: The company is looking for $5-8M in funding to expand its product line, expand marketing and broaden the revenue streams.

Quick Facts:

  • - Company founded in

  • - First integrated hardware-software product for retail launched in November

  • - Total investments > $4m

  • - First pilot with leading Russian retail chain in July, 2013


  • Filipp Shubin

i-Free Ventures stakeholders & mentors

  • Kirill Gorynya