Industry: Mobile productivity solutions

Location: Saint Petersburg

Young technology company is already a successful developer and operator of a range of mobile productivity tools for mass audiences interested in tracking personal achievements and results. Each application runs thorough customer analysis by the parameters most demanded by business and required for generating high-context, targeted mobile offers to customers (lead generation, context and high-target).

Flagship product: Mobile tracking of personal finances and time management

Opportunity: Disrapp is looking for up to $500K for further development and worldwide marketing.

Quick Facts:

  • - Project started in 2011, company formed in 2013

  • - 1 M+ downloads

  • - 200 000+ addressable customer base

  • - Leader in Finance, Productivity, Food&Drinks (Russia)


  • Vasiliy Mescheryakov

i-Free Ventures stakeholders & mentors

  • Anastasia Lazibnaya

  • Kirill Petrov