Strategic priorities

  • With our significant experience in Internet and mobile technologies, we select projects based on our key competencies that can benefit from our expertise as well as our investment
  • We believe that the management team is the key critical success factor. As a result, smart independent teams that have already built good success stories are our priority
  • With more than 20 very different projects in our portfolio, we focus on synergy between our investments, enabling effective use of common resources including intellectual and sales power

The i-Free Venture Fund was established in 2011 with the goal of identifying opportunities in fast-growing areas of technology. The Fund controls the i-Free Group annual investment budget, which is set by the Group’s Investment Committee.

i-Free Ventures finances companies from seed to early growth stage in the areas of Internet and Mobile Technologies. The average investment deal can vary from a few thousand dollars to half a million for the most promising teams and technologies.

As a result of internal mentoring and development, the projects of i-Free Venture Fund have been featured by industry players and big strategic investors who join i-Free Venture Fund as co-investors at the later stages.

The i-Free Group specializes in the development and implementation of innovative projects in areas such as mobile and NFC technologies, e-finances, digital content distribution, electronic payment systems and micropayments, mobile applications for smartphones and new devices, and digital publishing projects for B2C and B2B markets.